Welcome to babasaheb bhimrao ambedkar bihar university offical Website

Welcome to babasaheb bhimrao ambedkar bihar university offical Website

About Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar Bihar University

The Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar Bihar University popularly known as B. R. Ambedkar Bihar University was separated from Patna University on 2nd January 1952. The Bihar University Act 1960 bifurcated University of Bihar into three separate entities, i.e. (1) Bihar University, Muzaffarpur (2) Ranchi University, Ranchi (3)Bhagalpur University, Bhagalpur. Later The Bihar University Act 1961 paved the way for Bihar University and Magadh University. Again in 1973 the Bihar University separated into Bihar University in Muzaffarpur and Mithila University in Darbhanga. Once more in the year 1990 the Bihar University Muzaffarpur was separated into Bihar University, Muzaffarpur and J.P.University, Chapra.

B.R.A. Bihar University envisages quality education with innovative research and meaningful collaborations. Our mission is to spread the scent of education to the rich and poor alike in order to fulfill Babasaheb Bhim Rao Ambedkar’s vision of social equality and justice. In this regard, it is important to build on the ideals of independent scholarship and academic freedom in order to foster academically vibrant atmosphere with quality education, innovation, multidisciplinary collaboration at its core. We envision working as an integrated unit of colleges, faculties, departments and administration to realize our dream of quality education, research and innovation. We are committed to the ideals of equality of opportunity and inclusivity as enshrined in the constitution of our country. The University will endeavor to improve Gross Enrollment Ratio.

However, there are many challenges the University faces that need to be dealt with without any delay. This vision document entails description of short term, midterm and long term vision/ goals to ensure the university’s mission of quality education and innovative research.

Short term Vision

Maintaining Academic calendar The University will maintain the academic calendar and ensure that sessions are regular. We need to take well calibrated steps in order to ensure that examinations are held on time so that academic sessions for various degree and part time graduate courses are run on schedule.

Calendar of Examinations (dates of Mid-term Tests and End- term Examination; Marking system) should be duly notified by the university at the beginning of the session.

Students’ life cycle to include examination as part of University management systems be implemented from current academic year. A data base for student examination should be created with student portal and student access be given.

Strict Monitoring of the process of question setting and evaluation and tabulation process.

Timely publication of results must be ensured.

Redressal of students’ grievances, if any.

babasaheb bhimrao ambedkar bihar university college list

Name of Colleges Location Phone (office) Date of Conversion as Constituent Unit Teaching Staff Details Non Teaching Staff Details
L.S.College Muzaffarpur 2242261 01/07/1952
M.D.D.M College Muzaffarpur 2242571 01/04/1962
R.D.S.College Muzaffarpur 2272437 01/07/1967
Dr. R.M.L.S.College Muzaffarpur 2243199 02/10/1980
M.P.Sinha Science College Muzaffarpur 2250479 02/10/1980
R.B.B.M.College Muzaffarpur 2247237 02/10/1980
Nitishwar Singh College Muzaffarpur 2246983 03/01/1982
Rameshwar Singh College Muzaffarpur 2212224 02/10/1980
L.N.T.College Muzaffarpur 2273014 02/10/1980
M.S.K.B. College Muzaffarpur 2218233 02/10/1980
Jiwachh College Motipur, Muzaffarpur 02/10/1980
R.C.College Sakra, Muzaffarpur 2293209 02/10/1980
S.R.P.S.College Jaintpur, Muzaffarpur 235868 01/04/1975
R.N.College Hajipur, Vaishali 272512 01/04/1975
Vaishali Mahila College Hajipur, Vaishali 272324 01/01/1986
Jamunilal College Hajipur, Vaishali 272310 02/10/1980
D.C.College Hajipur, Vaishali 272363 02/10/1980
L.N.College Bhagwanpur, Vaishali 245232 01/04/1975
Samta College Jandaha, Vaishali 231538 01/01/1986
B.M.D.College Dayalpur, Vaishali 288895 02/10/1980
S.R.K.G. College Sitamarhi 250291 01/04/1975
S.L.K.College Sitamarhi 250243 02/10/1980
R.S.S.Science College Sitamarhi 250328 02/10/1980
R.S.S. Mahila College Sitamarhi 250366 02/10/1980
J.S.College Chandauli, Sitamarhi 281250 01/04/1977
M.S.College Motihari, East Champaran 222652 01/04/1970
Dr. S.K. Sinha Women's College Motihari, East Champaran 222679 01/04/1977
S.N.S. College Motihari, East Champaran 222658 02/10/1980
L.N.D.College Motihari, East Champaran 222689 02/10/1980
M.S.S.G. College Areraj, East Champaran 285385 01/04/1977
S.R.A.P. College Bara Chakiya, East Champaran 243139 02/10/1980
K.C.T.C. College Raxaul, East Champaran 221089 01/01/1986
M.J.K.College Bettiah, West Champaran 222577 01/04/1975
R.L.S.Y. College Bettiah, West Champaran 222575 01/01/1986
T.P.Verma College Narkatiyaganj, West Champaran 02/10/1980
C.N.College Sahebganj, Muzaffarpur 02/10/1980
J B S D College Bakuchi, 02/10/1980
R. P. S. College Chakeyaj, Vaishali 02/10/1980

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