My Aim in Life Essay in English for Students

My Aim in Life Essay in English for Students

Essay on My Aim in Life for Students

Essay writing is a pretty creative skill to develop at a very young age for every kid. Writing an essay or learning how to write an essay invokes interest in them from a tender age. Hence every parent should encourage and guide their kid about how to write an essay. 

Here we have provided a sample essay on ‘My Aim in Life’ for a reference that you can use to guide your kids or your kids can use it directly by using our website or downloading our app. There are many more essays on various topics are also available on our site/ app in PDF format at absolutely free of cost. Download and use these as per your convenience. 


My Aim in Life

An aimless person is just like a ship without any direction. You cannot move forward without having an aim or goal in your life. Everyone has their own aim. Everyone’s aim is different from others. Having a potential goal in life helps you to define your existence. Not only that, but a goal or several goals also help one in understanding their career goals and life goals. 


Why Should You Have an Aim in Life?

An aimless man can never be successful in his life. All of his goals will either be shattered or failed at a certain point. He limps in his way of life. It is crucial to have a realistic aim or goal in life. It will add a new layer of meaning in your life. 

Once you can achieve it, you will definitely be able to find the true purpose of life and set an example for others how to live life in the best possible way. Not only that but also achieving your goal successfully will bring immense joy and happiness in your life and for your family as well. 


How to Choose the Right Aim for You?

Generally, a person chose their ambition or goal by getting inspired by the people surrounding him. Parents or teachers or relatives play a very crucial role in selecting an aim. Choosing the right goal as per your aptitude will help you to drive your life towards the right path. But one small mistake or choosing a wrong goal can totally shatter that. Hence it is really mandatory for everyone to be very cautious and careful while making this decision. 

Your aim basically defines your career path. So, it could be really difficult to choose a career path at a very young age, it could be possible that a person fails to reach his goal after a certain point in time. But fixing the mistake and taking the right decision at that moment will show you light in the right direction. Therefore, do not give up hope and keep trying. And, be ambitious.  


How to Achieve That?

The first and foremost task is you have to be very careful while making the decision. An aim leads towards the right career. So, here are a few steps that you must remember in every phase of your life.

  • Always be Proactive

  • Maintain a healthy and balanced life

  • Stay away from negativity

  • Avoid procrastination

  • Gain more knowledge

  • Embrace your failures

  • Get expert opinions

  • Visualise your final destination

  • Track your progress

  • Stay focused


My Aim:

Every person decides at some point what he wants to become. And, in this era of modernization, I am aiming to become a doctor. Not just because my mom is a doctor but also it is a noble profession. 

Many people aspire to become an engineer, architect, dancer, interior designer etc. Amid all the other professions, there are some particular reasons behind my preference for becoming a doctor. 

A doctor is that person who saves others’ lives by treating them well. He helps people in curing all the diseases by giving them the required medicine or through surgery or various other procedures. Not only curing people by treatment but also it is a doctor’s duty to offer hope and joy to the patient and his family in the time of difficulty. 

No One would be able to survive in this world if there was no doctor. Nothing could be greater than saving someone’s life and spreading joy in the world. 

However, it is not really easy to become a doctor. I have to overcome a lot of hurdles to gain success. First I have to study hard and then I have to clear the medical entrance examination to secure a seat in a medical college first and then complete the programme to reach my goal. 

I want to be a doctor because I want to help those who cannot afford the cost of treatment of many difficult diseases. I have a goal of opening a hospital of my own which will be equipped with all the modern medical instruments. And those who are in need of treatment but can’t afford the cost of it will be able to get treated in my hospital. I idolise Dr Devi Shetty, the well known cardiac surgeon. Hence I have decided to embark on this journey.

It is definitely a long journey. But I am quite ambitious and I will put into a lot of hard work to fulfil my goal. 



It is very important to be successful in your life. Hence fixing a goal and staying focussed is really crucial in your life. So, making a proper plan from a very young age and timely execution along with the right attitude are the ultimate keys to success.

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