Essay on Unity in Diversity

Essay on Unity in Diversity

The concept of being united despite many differences is called Unity in Diversity. These differences can be of many types- religious, cultural, caste, creed language, regional differences and a host of other such things in society. It is of utmost importance to rise above these differences and remain united. In our childhood, we read the story where the father teaches unity. He shows how one stick is easy to break, while a bunch of sticks is hard to break. We need unity to remain strong at the societal, communal, and national level.

“Mile Sur Mera Tumhara”

Sadhguru, in one of his lectures, once said that India is successful to remain largely unharmed despite so many foreign invasions because of its diversity. The foreign enemies could not wrap their head around how to rule such a diverse country. Their tactic to rule North India did not work in the South. Their clever policies to destroy Western India did not work in the East. As a result, nobody could destroy India as a whole.

Today, India is home to many cultures, religions, castes and creeds. The same moon that the Hindu women see to break their fasts on Karva Chauth is also seen by the Muslims to break their fasts on the last day of Ramzan. We eat Bengal’s Rasgullas after finishing Hyderabadi Biryani. We dance to Punjabi foot-tapping tunes wherever we may live. India is progressing scientifically, culturally and spiritually because of this unity.

India got independence just 73 years ago. Despite that, she has grown rapidly. This would not have been possible if India was not united. On one hand, the Punjabis protected the country from Pakistan and China, on the other, Bengal and Bombay proved India’s cultural superiority. When the politicians from central India were busy fending off Chinese and American diplomatic obstacles, then, the Tamil scientist C.V Raman and the Parsi Physicist Homi Bhaba showed the world that India is not a country to be underestimated. Later with APJ Abdul Kalam’s leadership, India became a Nuclear-armed country and no country dared to cross swords against India ever since.

India is strong because of the combined ideas of people belonging to different cultures, religions and regions.  If one part of India gets wounded there are other parts to provide bandage. 

Obstacles in The Path To Unity 

The biggest challenge faced by the unity of India is religious enmity. Today there are people in politics, in the society, in our neighbouring countries who want to see chaos because of the religious riots. They all have their own agendas. A broken country is easy to destroy. It is also good for vote-bank politics.

Again, there are some states that want to get separated from India despite so many years passing after independence. These demands are fuelled by both the neighbouring country’s invitation and by the negligence of the political leaders and their failure. 

India is growing not because of any particular group of people - it is growing because of the combined work of the people of Punjab, Sindhu, Gujarat, Maratha, Dravida, Utkala, Banaga. Very often we forget to mention the contribution made by the people of the North East and Kashmir. The apples from Kashmir, the scenic beauty of Kashmir and the North East, the sweet songs sung by the North Eastern people are all India’s pride. Let us rise above petty politics, let us rise above religious extremism, let us welcome the regional differences. Let us be ONE.

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