Winter Season Essay in English for Students

Winter Season Essay in English for Students

Essay on Winter Season for Students

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Winter Season

Winter is the very dry and most chilly season of the year.  This season usually starts in the month of October and continues till February and sometimes till March. The season makes the earth dull and all the trees start shading leaves. Some areas especially mountain areas in India witness daily snowfall which causes a lot of issues and challenges in the lives of the local residents. 

The season has both its highs and lows. The sun rises late sometimes during this season. People look for warmth. Hence they eagerly wait for the sunlight, especially who go to work every day.

Why do I Love this Season?

Apart from spring, I love the winter season. The season brings comfort and some amount of freshness. I can go run in the morning with my dad. I love to witness the morning dew on the flowers. 

I get a long winter vacation in the school. So, I stay put inside my blanket in the morning, finish my homework while sipping into a cup of hot chocolate.

Apart from all, winter basically means good food for me. The season produces a lot of seasonal fruits and vegetables such as grapes, apples, guava, oranges, strawberry, carrots, beans, radish, cauliflower etc. mom prepares various types of pethas and my favourite gajar (carrot) ka halwa at this time. 

Not only fruits and veggies, but a lot of beautiful flowers also begin to bloom in our terrace garden such as roses, orchids etc. 

There are so many cultural events and festivals happening at this time such as book fairs, Christmas etc. Our school also organises picnics and bonfires during winter. These are amongst the few most awaited events in the school. 

Challenges People Face in this Season:

The season is good but not for everyone. The season creates a huge problem for all the homeless people, stray animals, and people who live in the hilly areas. In some parts of our country (especially the mountain regions), daily snowfall or rain can be witnessed during this time. It creates challenges for them to survive as the roads get blocked due to snowfall or heavy fog. That’s why they preserve their winter food throughout the year. So that they do not have to worry about it. However, life gets truly difficult in a few European countries as they face massive snowfall or blizzard during winter.

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