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AISTE is for JEE / NEET aspirants who are aiming to get into the premier engineering and medical institutes in the country.


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Many students work very hard but are unable to crack JEE / NEET because of gaps in Application, Retention & Learning Approach. Serious students must take this test to realise their true potential in JEE / NEET.

AISTE aims at identifying these gaps, remedying them and helping students achieve their actual potential in JEE / NEET.

AISTE will identify and measure Learning Skills such as - Application, Retention, Numerical Reasoning, Logical Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning

Upto 100% scholarships will be awarded based on the performance in ASTE. Work hard!

Application, Retention and Reasoning scores will be presented

All India test will help students like you, know your potential, strengths and where you stand in terms of preparedness required to start the preparation.

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